Columns & Posts

Column & Post offers a complete line of Round Smooth, Fluted and Non-Tapered Columns as well as Square Smooth, Fluted, Raised Panel, Recessed Panel, Recessed Panel Pedestal Posts, and Craftsman Tapered Posts, all with a variety of caps and bases to choose.

Since 2002, Column & Post has been providing a wide range of distinctive benefits to homebuyers, architects, builders, interior designers and other craftsman within the design/build and restoration communities. Whether it’s a brand new luxury home or an historic renovation, we work seamlessly with other trades to assist in creating home interiors and exteriors of unparalleled style, elegance and distinction. Drawing upon the enduring classic designs of Greek and Roman architecture, our expansive line of architectural columns, posts, capitals, bases and architectural accessories offer unrivaled quality and durability.

Easy to maintain and install, every product in the Column & Post collection is backed by a “Lifetime Limited Warranty” against defects in material and workmanship. We recognize that our products support more than a home — they support your dreams.


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