Vista Cable Railing


Aluminum Black Fine Textured

Rail Kits

VCR05TB: Level Rail Pack – 5′
VCR06TB: Level Rail Pack – 6′
VCR07TB: Level Rail Pack – 7′
VCR08TB: Level Rail Pack – 8′
VCR06TB-ST: Stair Rail Pack – 6′
VCR08TB-ST: Stair Rail Pack – 8′

36" Posts and Base Plates

VCREPTB: Level End Post
VCRMPTB: Level Mid Post
VCRCPTB: Level Corner Post
VCRTSPTB: Top Stair Post
VCRBSPTB: Bottom Stair Post
VCRMSPTB: Mid Stair Post
VCRTSPTB-S: Top Stair Post – Straight
VCRTSPTB-L: Top Stair Post – Left
VCRTSPTB-R: Top Stair Post -Right
VCRBSPTB-S: Bottom Stair Post – Straight
VCRBSPTB-L: Bottom Stair Post -Left
VCRBSPTB-R: Bottom Stair Post-Right
VCRBP-2: Alum. Base Plate Cover – 2″
VCRBP-2.5: Alum. Base Plate Cover – 2.5

Cable Spools and Connection Hardware

VCRW-100: Vista Stainless Wire – 100′
VCRW-500: Vista Stainless Wire – 500′
VCRLHDWE: Vista Level Hardware
VCRSHDWE: Vista Stair Hardware
VCRWTL: Wall Tensioner – Level
VCRWCL: Wall Connector – Level


VCRISP: Intermediate Spacer Picket – Level
VCRISPSTR: Intermediate Spacer Picket – Stair
VCRCSC: Vista Channel Spacer Cover
VCRPBP: Vista Post Bracket Package
VCRDRATB: Vista Rail Drink Rail Adaptor 102″
VCRSHC: Cable Stair Hole Cover Pack (2 pcs)

Also in Stock: Brown Treated Deck Rail Kits- Black Aluminum Round Balusters

VBTR06: Round Aluminum Baluster Rail Kit – 6′
VBTR08: Round Aluminum Baluster Rail Kit – 8′
VBTRLB: Treated Level Rail Bracket Kit
VBTRSB: Treated Stair Adapters – 15 Pack
VBTRP54: 3-1/4″ x 54″ Deck Post – Brown

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