Westbury® Columns


By Digger Specialties Inc

Offering a complete line of columns, panels, and posts, with a variety of caps and bases to choose from. Whether it’s a brand new luxury home or an historic renovation, we work seamlessly with other trades to assist in creating home interiors and exteriors of unparalleled style, elegance and distinction. Drawing upon the enduring classic designs of Greek and Roman architecture, our expansive line of architectural columns, posts, capitals, bases and architectural accessories offer unrivaled quality and durability. Easy to maintain and install, every product in the DSI Column collection is backed by a “Lifetime Limited Warranty” against defects in material and workmanship.



Column Kit w/Cap & Base

PC68PP: 8′
6″ Round Tapered Column

PC86PP: 6′
PC88PP: 8′
PC89PP: 9′
PC810PP: 10′
8″ Round Tapered Column

PC108PP: 8′
PC109PP: 9′
PC1010PP: 10′
10′ Round Tapered Column

PC128PP: 8′
PC129PP: 9′
PC1210PP: 10′
12″ Round Tapered Column


Column Kit w/Cap & Base

PC88C: 8′
PC89C: 9′
PC810C: 10′
8″ Round Tapered Column

PNC810C: 10′
8″ Round Non-Tapered Column

PC108C: 8′
PC109C: 9′
PC1010C: 10′
10″ Round Tapered Column

Plumb Perfect Herculite Square Columns

Column Kit w/Cap & Base

PCD88PP: 8′
PCD810PP: 10′
8″ Square Non-Tapered Column

PCD108PP: 8′
PCD1010PP: 10′
10″ Square Non-Tapered Column

Plumb Perfect Cast Square Columns

Column Kit w/Cap & Base

PCS68PP: 6′
6″ Square Non-Tapered Column

PCS88PP: 8′
PCS89PP: 9′
PCS810PP: 10′
8″ Square Non-Tapered Column

PCS108PP: 8′
PCS1010PP: 10′
10″ Square Non Tapered Column

PCST1185: 5′
PCST1198: 8′
11″ Square Tapered Column


PCB8C: 8″ Tapered Column
PCNB8C: 8″ Non-Tapered Column
PCB10C: 10″ Tapered Column
PCSPLITKIT: Split Reassembly Kit


Aluminum Columns

Column Kit w/Cap & Base

ACRF69: 6″ x 9′ Round Fluted Alum.
Column – White

ACSS69: 6″ x 9′ Square Smooth Alum.
Column – White

ACSS89: 8″ x 9′ Square Smooth Alum.
Column – White

Plumb Perfect Columns – All In One Box includes poly capital, composite base and plumb perfect install kit. Column, capital and base are paint ready out of the box.
Standard Columns – Caps and bases are included in the box. No install kit is included.
Herculite Columns – Our Fiberglass Pultruded Columns offer a lightweight alternative to fiberglass cast columns. Square Smooth Pultruded Columns are designed with advanced technology to produce load-bearing columns.

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